TOP 3 REASONS why this session ROCKED.

It’s amazing how fast babies grow up! I had the pleasure of photographing this little cutie, Levi, both last year and this past week as he and his family visited Kiawah Island from their home town in Ohio.
That’s right- we come from the same Buckeye state!
It’s the little things like this that make me fall madly in love with what I do EVERY DAY. 1. When I get to watch babies grow. 2. When I get to build relationships with clients and see them year after year, milestone after milestone.
3. When I get to ‘work’ with my toes in the sand and sweat 💦on my face jumping up and down to make kids laugh…yeah…. this is the real deal
❤️ Check out Levi’s pic from THIS year. Aren’t you marveling at his growth spirt!

Levi: THEN

Levi: NOW

Henley: THEN

Henley: NOW


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