Charleston Wine + Food Festival

Ever wonder how the magic happens at Charleston Wine + Food Festival every year? I’m dishing out some #behindthescenes (#BTS ) from this past weekend’s excitement at Mex 1 and the Culinary Village. Check it out below!



Mex 1 on Sullivan’s Island:

Culinary Director Ryan Jones and Beverage Director Morgan Hurley have a 4 course, paired tequila luncheon with Herradura Tequila



Herradura Tequila



Morgan Hurley chatting with guests



Food, drinks, and FUN at the Culinary Village  in Marion Square, Downtown Charleston



Bedlam Vodka



Don Julio



Seattle Cider



Owl’s Brew



Pawley’s Island Brewing Co.



Bedlam Vodka



Charleston Magazine and Belle Isle



Dixie Vodka




Blade and Bow



Naked Turtle Rum






Hendrick’s Gin



Johnnie Walker


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