I’m celebrating the mini victories- and here’s why…

I’ve been getting some pretty cool opportunities recently. Met some great business contacts this past weekend. Made some new friends. Reached a new goal for the month. Today I am practicing┬ácelebrating the mini victories. Today I am living in gratitude, and here’s why….

You see, the comparison trap is an easy thing to slip into when you are running your own business. You want to keep your eyes open to what other people in the industry are doing so that you can learn and grow, and yet you can’t get so focused on them that you loose YOU. I have been guilty of looking at others success and feeling ‘less than’. I can be hard on myself at times and fall for the trap of feeling that I should be doing more, or better.

The reality is, we all fall for this trap sometimes. I know I am only human. But this way of think doesn’t serve me. It doesn’t push me to be better, instead, it tears me down. What does help is when I remember that I am doing the best I can today, and that is ENOUGH. When I look around at the progress I’ve made, and the blessings I’ve been gifted I start to feel a little more relaxed and at ease.

Here’s the thing though, I realize that I have been given just as much grace, as I’ve been faced with obstacles. I have been blessed with as much joy as I have sorrow. I have as much love as I have had heartbreak. Each day I get to choose if I want to live in gratitude, or comparison. The choice is mine. Our lives will be shaped by the perspective we choose. So what will you choose today???

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    Dianne Miley
    July 13, 2017 at 1:32 am

    Keep on celebrating! There really is no comparison because God only made ONE YOU! And one of each of us. You are wise beyond your years. Not to mention beautiful and talented. ­čśś

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